LOWE's invites your playful side with fun boxes

"This is the box PVC pipe and fittings came in, from Lowe's" said my pal and happy photo snapper Mr Bill who also has an interesting photo of the shadow of the old AT&T Bell logo vs the new logo on a building in his stream. The box body copy reads:

FOUL VARLET! I CHALLENGE THEE TO A DUEL! Whosoever doth possess the power to free the sword from the box shall be king. The gauntlet has been thrown - now draw thy sword and have a thee!

And with that, Lowe's nods to all the parents & people who have made countless play-swords out of pvc piping, and reminding those who haven't that there's more than one way to use anything you find at Lowe's. How fun. (Blowpipes is an option too).

It may not win a Cannes Lion, but it makes people smile.