Lynx launches new fragrance with the help of Keeley Hazell


Lynx launches new fragrance with the help of Keeley Hazell


Page three girl Keeley Hazell helped launch a new fragrance for Lynx in London today, and judging by the pictures alone I gather that:

1) Whatever Keeley is getting paid is not nearly enough for standing outside in London in February wearing nothing but a chocolate colored bikini. Astronauts have less risks involved in their jobs.

2) The chocolate dummies/men hanging around indicate that Lynx has finally discovered the one true scent that will attract all females namely chocolate. Sadly it works even on your Mum. Be afraid boys. Be very afraid.

Mad pictures inside.

Seriously, what's going on here? ^ Kinky!

This is all we got for info, googling for recent Lynx news brings us nothing more to add. Deduce what you will from these images. You guess is a good as mine. I bet it's chocolate scented Lynx. That would be genius.


Oh god, it is chocolate scented. Sort of. Here's the ad that goes with it, and I hear it was done by the Argentinian agency Vegaolmosponce.

See also the youtube channel featuring chocolate pulling techniques, and there's some sort of game on where you could win an ipod or something, uh I dunno I'm bored with this now.

As in "woman who poses topless on page 3 of The Sun (link with boobies) for a small sum of money". See also Wikipedia: Page Three Girl (sans boobies)

I'm currently developing a fragrance for women based on pies and beer. Mmm!

But that would attract me! I don't wanna start batting for the other side!

Okay, call it Unisex. Right now, I'm wearing game pie with base notes of Bishop's Finger.

That is the worst Axe/Lynx ad I ever saw. Rubbish.

Of course the US equivalent of Page 3 is Page Six, also in a horrid Murdoch paper, the NY Post. Page Six, however is all about gossip, and not topless girls. But just like The Sun, The NY Post cares little about the truth, and will publish any salacious BS, just to sell a few more papers. It's Yellow Journalism taken to the nth degree.

What happening to those hands? It looks like they're making the sign for dickhead, which I suppose you are if you think Lynx really attracts woman in bikinis just because you're wearing it.

Sometimes I despair. Today is one of those times.

Ha! You may just be on to something there!

Hmmm.... If you don't shoot her at the right angle, she's not so fantastic.

You're doing it wrong, you're not supposed to look at her face!

You're right, how stupid of me. No one is looking at her face, including the photographer. :-)

Around this house we kind of like the ad. It's better than most Lynx ads, anyway. The first time I saw it, I missed the first scene (spraying the stuff on) and couldn't guess what the ad was for.

Having said that, we're not too sure about crumbling bits out of your nose onto ice cream. Yeuurgh.

Judging by the facial expression, this ad is warning against the dangers of huffing Lynx, getting high, & ripping off your own nose.

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