Making the casket manufacturing business sexy


Making the casket manufacturing business sexy

How many times have you seen a beautiful woman posing with some product for sale? A lot. For years, beautiful woman have been photographed posing with various products.

Calendars have been used to advertise products, and some of those calenders have included beautiful, scantily-clad, women with those advertised products.

What if you took the theme of the beautiful, scantily-clad, woman posing along-side a product, and you put that theme into an annual calendar to advertise your product? And what if the product you were selling was coffins? Yes, coffins.

One Italian casket making company has been doing just that since 2003. See March and April inside and the rest at



Ah, TDD, this companies calenders have been a long standing joke on adlist. I think we started mocking them in 1999 - they've been at it for quite some time!

In fact, I think they inspired this Cheesy calender!
The Fromage Girls say cheese, now only avaialable to order on paper. Now I can't tell which one is funnier. Sexy death otr sexy cheese.

Thanks for the extra information, Dabitch!

My original draft was, "...has been doing just that at least since 2003." I guess I should have left it that way!

I've known about the calendar(s) since 2003 when an article on the subject was printed in the Toronto Star newspaper (Saturday, November 29, 2003). I still have the article.

Right. :)
I remember the first one that I saw, nothing quite topped that one, as one of the models was likely the missus/related to the business owners somehow, since she - much like Paris Hilton - only had one face in every shot, and not a very attractive one. She did however have huge fake knockers, so maybe she was hired for that "expression" alone. ;)

Then one year, dunno if it was 2001 or 2002, they had american flags all over the girls all over the caskets.

Thanks again, Dabitch!

I see the September/October 2004 calendar photo has the model draped with an American flag. I don't understand that, it being an Italian company. I don't understand the chain used in some of the 2006 calendar shots either. And also, they obviously don't expect people to be looking at the coffin in the calendar shots as the coffins in the photos are all identical. But what do I know about selling coffins?

The 2003 Toronto Star newspaper article I have has parts of an email from Maurizio Matteucci of the company (called CISA in the article) about the calendar. Not much real information, but he claims the calendar has been good for business. I would link to the article, but the Toronto Star requires a paid subscription for access to their archives online. The article ends with this:

"Tip: Get ahead of the game and make your next car a hearse. They're going to be hot in '04."

If you like that, you can really leave this word in style. LifeArt makes designer coffins. Rock stars, models, whatever you want! I'm sure they'll put an ad on your final resting place. Ad pros might want their most memorable ad campaign, preferrably your lifes best work.

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