Mastercard steals from Swingers = Priceless.

When the movie Swingers was released in 1996 the script and the story brought out the best from the actors in it and propelled them all to big time Hollywood fame. One hilarious scene in Swingers was when Jon Favreau's character "Mike" leaves increasingly pathetic messages on "Nikki's" answering machine, as the machine keeps cutting him off. (scene here). Mastercard has just released a commercial where the scene is nearly identical, right down to the character's names, Mike and Nikki. Tut tut McCann-Erickson, did you really think the world wouldn't notice? Is this an intentional homage (considering the names) or just a lazy rip-off? You decide.
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The Mastercard monologue:

Nikki's machine: Hi this is Nikki, leave a message *BEEP*

MIKE: Hey, Nikki... This is Mike.. uh, from tonight. I just wanted to call and tell you my number, It's 555-01 *BEEP*

(Mike calls back)

MIKE: Five Five Five Oh One Four Two! Sorry your machine cut me off, I don't know about tha *BEEP*

(Mike decides to call back again)

MIKE: Nikki, it's Mike again, I know you said that I shouldn't really call until tomorrow.. But eh.. Wow, it's like two thirty, so it is tomorrow now....

Voiceover takes over and touts Mastercard as the plastic you should have.

Scene from Swingers
NIKKI (recorded):Hi. This is Nikki. Leave a message. (beep)

MIKE: Hi, Nikki. This is Mike. I met you tonight at the Dresden. I, uh, just called to say I, uh, I'm really glad we met and you should give me a call. So call me tomorrow, or , like, in two days, whatever. My number is 213-555-4679... (beep)

Mike hangs up.

He dials again.

NIKKI (recorded):Hi. This is Nikki. Leave a message. (beep)

MIKE: Hi, Nikki. This is Mike, again. I just called because it sounded like your machine might've cut me off before I gave you my number, and also to say sorry for calling so late, but you were still there when I left the Dresden, so I knew I'd get your machine. Anyway, my number is... (beep)

Mike calls back right away.

NIKKI (recorded):Hi. This is Nikki. Leave a message. (beep)

MIKE: 213-555-4679. That's all. I just wanted to leave my number. I don't want you to think I'm weird, or desperate or something... (he regrets saying it immediately) ... I mean, you know, we should just hang out. That's it. No expectations. Just, you know, hang out. Bye. (beep)

He hangs up.

He dials.

NIKKI (recorded):Hi. This is Nikki. Leave a message. (beep)

MIKE: I just got out of a six-year relationship. Okay? That should help to explain why I'm acting so weird. It's not you. It's me. I just wanted to say that. Sorry. (pause) This is Mike. (beep)

He dials again. There's no turning back.

NIKKI (recorded):Hi. This is Nikki. Leave a message. (beep)

MIKE: Hi, Nikki. This is Mike again. Could you just call me when you get in? I'll be up for awhile, and I'd just rather talk to you in person instead of trying to squeeze it all... (beep)

He dials yet again.

NIKKI (recorded):Hi. This is Nikki. Leave a message. (beep)

MIKE: Hi, Nikki. Mike. I don't think this is working out. I think you're great, but maybe we should just take some time off from each other. It's not you, really. It's me. It's only been six months...

NIKKI: (Live, in person. she picks up the line) Mike?

MIKE: Nikki! Great! Did you just walk in, or were you listening all along?

NIKKI: (calmly) Don't call me ever again.

MIKE: Wow, I guess you were home... (click)