Maybe Old Navy's Feel Good Fashion feels a little toooo good...

Thanks to an alert friend who prefers to go anonymous this time around, our attention has been turned to a very special Old Navy commercial. In it, a boy gets, well... excited about mowing the lawn, thanks to "Old Navy denim molecules... absorbed by the body, mixing with low price particles in the brain, triggering a sudden, uninhibited feel-good reaction."

Continue to see the triggered, sudden, uninhibited feel-good reaction for yourself.

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe we have animated trouser snake.
Quoting the boy, "I've only been waiting for it to grow!"
Plus, its ability to shake a maraca is most impressive indeed.

Superadgrunts can view the spot here.

Non-superadgrunts can catch the ad (for now) by heading to the customer service page at, then clicking on their little TV icon thingy.

UPDATE: It has been brought to our attention that perhaps the item the trouser snake is wrapped around is not a maraca, but instead, a ping-pong paddle. We're not sure if having it knock balls around is better or worse than the original hypothesis, so we'll leave that up to you.

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