Mazda "Drive to 100" (2016) 2:14 (USA)

It takes an hour and a half on the bus and the train and then another bus to get to her job, when a car commute would have taken nine minutes. Drive to 100 is an initiative from Mazda to take 100 donated cars, repair them and donate them them to local families in need. I really love the fact brands like Mazda are doing this. It's easy to sell a twenty-six thousand dollar Miata. It's another to take a car you won't make a financial profit from and give it to someone in need. Mazda isn't the first car company to turn its attention toward cause marketing. Hopefully, it won't be the last, either.

Client: Mazda
DP: Ed David
Editor: Kirk McLaughlin
Agency: Garage Team Mazda
Production Company: Workhouse Creative

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