McDonald's call for Hip-Hop endorsement has been answered

You may recall that McDonald's intends to pay for Big Mac product placement in Hip-Hop songs that air on the radio. Less than a week after this news hit the web, a group called the Gatbustaz released an over-the-top Hip-Hop parody called McGangsta (caution: explicit lyrics).

Now the song is slowly, virally, making its way across the blogosophere.

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  • Dabitch's picture

    It was bound to happen.....

    Apr 06, 2005
  • thatgirlismine's picture

    Heh. It looks like Pitchfork has reviewed it.

    Imagine the most cliched, stereotype-milking, and intelligence-insulting audio version of an R-rated "MadTV" skit possible, and you're close to "McGangsta".

    Apr 06, 2005
  • aiiobo's picture

    They are right about "cretinously funny". My sides hurt from laughing.

    Apr 06, 2005

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