Mercedes pulls advertising from Gawker network.

Yesterday, in the middle of bullying prevention month - see, Stop and Stomp - Sam Biddle of Gawker media cracked a few jokes on twitter.

They weren't very funny. Sarcasm and humor is subjective, of course, but at this moment in time on twitter this was akin to making an "I have Ebola"-joke when sneezing on an airplane or talking about all the guns and bombs you have while lining up for TSA security. The hazmat suit team arrived in the shape of the called out #gamergate. It doesn't help that Sam Biddle is a hated writer already as he can be "disingenuous in a manner that borders on lying".

People saw that Gawkers Editor-in-chief Max Reid joined in on the jokes screendumped the exchange, and began contacting Gawkers advertisers.

The first confirmed advertiser to pull their ads from Gawker media is Mercedes. Mercedes doesn't even bow down to the Devil played by Willem Dafoe, so they certainly do not bow down to bullies.

Update: Max Read denied on Twitter that Mercedes had ever advertised on Twitter. He later deleted these tweets, but the internet archive remembers: 'no, mercedes benz isnt an active advertiser as far as i know', and for the 100th time mercedes benz isn't an active advertiser on our sites and didn't remove any ads .

Channeling irritation into positive action, Gamergate is raising money for Pacer Center via Crowdrise. At the time of writing this crowdrise has $11,007.