Miami Ad School students jump on bandwagon that was driven by real client.

Miami Ad School Students Gabriella Rodriguez and Stephen Kent jumped on the reality show "social conversation" to create user-inspired reality show posters like the two you see above.
If you want to see the rest, go to Worst Reality Shows.

I'm not sure why you'd bother. This idea already done, by a PBS affiliate. And the idea actually advertised the PBS station. Imagine that!

As ad students you probably could have spent five minutes to do the same. Hell, I should hope so.

And here's a PROTIP: I can guarantee you with all the craziness surrounding Duck Dynasty last year there really were hashtags like the one you created, with real people using them as opposed to your advertising buddies. Other people in advertising do take the five seconds to verify. You're better off finding real ones next time.

Or better yet. Make some ads. Anyone can spot and jump on the bandwagon of a trend. Show me you can actually come up with an idea, and write and art direct it, and we'll be more impressed.

And while you check twitter for trends, you should check which ads are already done. See the PBS story below.

School: Miami Ad School
Client: None.
Creatives: Gabriella Rodriguez and Stephen Kent