Mic Mac Mall in trouble for bimbo-back to school ads showing girls only care about fashion

Trouble is brewing for the Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia as their cheeky facebook background, a.k.a back to school campaign insinuates that school-aged girls only ever think about fashion, and never grades. Or you know, they're making a media-venue-appropriate ad-joke while touting fall fashions to students. Take your pick.

Seems most of the internet has picked 'women's academic merit is too serious to be joked about' and Mic Mac Mall are currently catching hell on twitter. Their explanation of the campaign hasn't gone down well either;

Seems 9 out of 10 social media commentators agree that Mic Mac Mall's "humorous and light hearted" is their sexist and offensive, they're having none of it. Oh Canada! On the bright side, for a brief moment the anglicized Aboriginal name is not the most offensive thing about this mall. Hooray! Perhaps they even sell the "Math is hard" talking Barbie. That's a classic.

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