Mikado doesn't want you to visit its website


We all know what people would do for a Klondike Bar. But tasty treat Mikado is testing your will power Pvlov-style by showing you what may happen if you dare give in.

Results include: having to rock a crying baby to sleep. Getting stuck in a movie theatre behind a big haired due. There are 40. One for each chocolate-covered stick.

Either my wi-fi is slow, or the bandwidth is intense because the load time between each one was redonk. Fun idea, though.

Brand Management : Emilie Chambert-Kirchhoffer, Marie Bescond, Laetitia Pardessus

- Directeur de Création : Georges Mohammed-Chérif
- Directeur général : Thomas Granger
- Planneur stratégique : Renaud Berthe
- Responsables agence : Julien Levilain, Antoine Ferrari, Claire Cipriano
- Direction Artistique : Louis Audard
- Conception Rédaction : Tristan Daltroff
- Assistant directeur artistique : Clément Séchet
- Digital Producers : Laurent Marcus, Julie Bourges, François Cavallin
- Production: Fighting Fish

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