Million Moms go against DishTV sucky ad campaign (which doesn't suck).

Oh dear.
One Million Moms insist that the "DISH Network commercial teaches kids to use crude language". Yep they are actually talking about the campaign of ads that don't suck which we showed y'all here last week.
The One Million Mom site wants you to take action against such horrid langauge in TV commercials and have this nice pre-filled in email form which will send a mail to the DISH Network founder and Chairman Charles W. Ergen, two senior vice-presidents, and the consumer feedback department. Dish network might thank their lucky stars as a little dash of controversy can raise the campaigns awareness tenfold! Yeay! Maybe they'll get miles and miles of free press out of this. Thanks Million Moms!

Super adgrunts, hear the scandalous language for yourself.

Hat tip to rzklkng's post at Metafilter.