mOcean challenges Tosh because apparently they don't have work to do

Three Writers. One Office. No Effects. This is all I know as we're tweeted this link to a video of three writers having a blast in the office playing office hoops. They bounce the balls off each others heads, they bounce the balls off walls, they use all the geometry skills they have to bounce balls here there and everywhere, and into the hoops. It looks like they're having a grand ol' time at work. They set this to dubstep, which is hard to forgive because that ship sailed and we blew it up over Cthulhu's lair. And then.. There's the VO. He has the perfect VO voice... but it's what he's saying. "Bring it Tosh". Tosh? The rape joke comedian? I am not sure why he is the chosen one to "bring it", and I am also not clued up on why a room with three writers can only come up with "bring it" and "nana nana boo boo" as a taunt... So there you have it. If this was meant to brand mOcean the agency and show off their writers many talents, you've only shown me that they can hit hoops. If this is part of a bigger thing, where Tosh will have them on TV or somesuch, you should have used that writing skill your titles say you have and communicated this in the video.

So if you like watching people hit hoops and edits that fit to the sound effects, enjoy.

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    AnonymousCoward (not verified)


    Apr 06, 2013
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    stevef1111 (not verified)

    This was an entry to Tosh's "Sports or Consequences" video challenge. "Nana nana boo boo" is a line Tosh uses on this show when he does something better than someone else (such in his Sports or Consequences video clips). If you took twelve seconds to Google that phrase and added Tosh (since you clearly knew the Mocean video had something to do with Tosh) you would have easily found that out before you took the time to write a blog post about something you have no knowledge about.

    Maybe the video wasn't supposed to speak to everyone, but rather those that are Tosh fans and can appreciate it. It wasn't meant for every demo across the board and it was something done purely for fun, not financial gain.

    I wish I could address the point you try to make in the following copy and paste from your blog post but I can't understand WTF point you are trying to make about their writing skills: "If this is part of a bigger thing, where Tosh will have them on TV or somesuch, you should have used that writing skill your titles say you have and communicated this in the video."


    Apr 07, 2013
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    Sorry I didn't know Tosh had fans, except for people who enjoy rape jokes.

    If we need to take twelve seconds to google the intention behind this promotion, or if you have to explain it to us in a post, then you have wasted our time by creating a communication piece that does not communicate effectively.

    the fact they did this crapola for free isn't helping the cause.

    as for their writing skills-- the promo starred three writers. and yet there was no writing. except for a cliché catch phrase at the end. so the person who wrote this article was wondering why a room full of writers wouldn't you know...write something.

    do you understand now? if not, i'm sure you can google it.

    Apr 07, 2013
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    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    Are they actually an agency or a team of copywriters? I honestly can't tell from looking at their website WTF they're even supposed to be!

    Apr 07, 2013
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    Yeah, I couldn't either and I spent twelve seconds there mate.

    I know they're good at hitting the hoops. And they have VOX in house. And that the third person in that room ignores all the ball-playing hoopla.

    Hi there @stevef1111 this is how the tip was submitted to us, which is pretty much the wrong way of doing it. I bet it took less than twelve seconds to send that tweet. You know, the YouTube description could have carried the information that this was a submission to the Tosh whatevermahthang. How hard is that, really? Can't be that hard when you have three writers who could have thought of exceptionally clever ways of adding this info to the youtube description. But perhaps that's just me. Bitter old me. Who reckons writers should use their god given gift of writing to both inform and entertain. But sure, I could have just ignored it like I do with most tweeted link-pitches. My bad. I'll remember to do that next time. Thanks for the reminder.

    Apr 07, 2013
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    You Can't Handl... (not verified)

    If mOcean had taken twelve seconds to make an ad we wouldn't be having this conversation.

    Apr 08, 2013

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