Moones drinks a lot of beer while jamming.

Asylum films got together with the band Moones to create a video in which you could watch them play a song during various stages of inebriation.

Thanks to YouTube annotations you could skip back and forth and potentially spend an hour and fifteen minutes with the band and see if their song gets any better from different angles or different drunk states.

They drank 80 beers total. But before you get all excited, they're a five piece band. So that's like sixteen beers each. Also you don't even get to watch them drink.

The whole thing feels like it's a better ad for youtube's capabilities than for Moones.In fact, it feels more like a "We don't have a budget to do the Ok Go treadmills thing, but we have enough for a couple cases of beer."

But hey--whatever it takes to get people to download your music. For free. SMH