Mootube launches


Mootube launches


In conjunction with PBS, we've (Peel) created MooTube, a look at the daily life of cows, from the cow's eye view.
We rigged up a wireless camera setup, found a bunch of ranches to record on, and off it goes! All this as a viral promotion for Texas Ranch House, PBS's upcoming old west reality show. It's been fun.


You know what would be fun? We all get drunk tonight and do some cowtipping on those cam-cows. :))
Maybe somebody already did, little Star seems to be lying down on her side. heh.

from my experience in strapping the cams on, tipping is probably ill advised... while relatively mellow, they are a pretty wary bunch... and can be a bit dangerous with those horns.

You strapped the cams on? Can we see a making of behind the scenes thing? :))
Oh and I'm sure you know this already but this site got metafiltered!

YES! we are way behind on getting our making of stuff up, but will hopefully be getting to it in the next few.


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