‘More Go’ for hungry hot dog hunter in new Nike TV commercial

Nike’s latest TV commercial is based on the concept that its Shox 2:45 running shoes give you ‘More Go’. Instead of being led by a top athlete, it shows a ‘Mister Average’ man, who puts his running shoes to good use in an unusual setting far removed from standard running shoe advertisements.

Nike Hot Dog Shocks

The commercial starts with Mister Average buying himself a hotdog. As he waits for the vendor to prepare his snack, he leans against the hotdog cart and knocks it off its settings start it rolling down a hill. Panic ensues: The cart-owner throws his half-prepared hotdog into the hands of Mr Average so he can run after his cart. But he’s just not up to the job, so Mr Average altruistically takes over, powered by his Nike Shox 2:45 shoes.

Thus begins a chaotic chase through the heart of a Mediterranean port city, which sees Mr Average battling with old ladies, dogs, cars and trams until he eventually catches up with the hot dog cart as it careers towards the dockside and the water’s edge. The cart topples into the sea, but not before our hero has just enough time to grab an all-important dollop of tomato ketchup... the real motive behind his marathon pursuit.

The commercial, entitled Hot Dog, was created by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam and directed by English director Ringan Ledwidge. It was shot on location in Lisbon, Portugal.

The Shox 2:45 shoes are the latest incarnation of Nike’s Shox technology and were given their name because 2 hours 45 minutes is an impressive time for running a marathon. They will be available at retail across Europe from 11th November.

Hot Dog will be shown as a 60” and 30” version, starting on 15th November and running in 13 countries in Europe. It will be complemented by a web-only ‘sequel’ that will be shown on www.nikeshox.com, going live later in the month.

Client: NIKE
Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam
Creative Directors: Mark Hunter, José Cabaço
Art Director: Ollie Watson
Copywriter: Anthony Goldstein
Account Executive: James Goode
Producer: Annabelle Meyer
Production Company: Small Family Business
Director: Ringan Ledwidge
Producer: Sally Humphries
Post Production: The Whitehouse
Editor: Richard Orrick

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