The most creative facebook posts of brands - oh hello brand persons.


So heads of creative hotbeds, like Ted Royer of Droga 5, and Gerry Graf founder of "Ragu-parents-have-sex" famous Barton F. Graf 9000 have a collection of the most creative facebook posts from brands.

Eric Silver of Silver + Partners loves this Pantone post (and who doesn't?)
Rob Reilly of CP+B appreciates pitch-perfect tone of voice in the words of Mayhem in this post here.
This page is awesome and you should ctrl-D, tweet it, buffer it or pinterest it or whatever the hell you kids do these days right now.

My only beef is with posts like this one for Mini. That was an ad Mini did, and the funniest part about that was that it happened to be ideas produced for two different brands, in the same city, at the same time. See badlander: was Heineken vs Mini and the giant boxes in Amsterdam.

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