Mr. Wendy, We Hardly Knew Thee...


Mr. Wendy, We Hardly Knew Thee...


Wendy's has announced the cancellation of its series of commercials featuring the "unofficial spokesman" known as Mr. Wendy, after less than nine months on the air. Bad news for comic actor (and ex-Groudling, children's book author and cartoon writer) Roger Eschbacher, who potrayed the overzealous burger fan. But is it possible that The Artist Formerly Known As Mr. Wendy might soon re-emerge shilling for some other burger joint? If you don't think somebody's thinking about it, then You Don't Know Jack.


Gah. I hope he doesn't return. The Wendy's ads were horrible- in all media. Print was especially terrible. I'm glad he's gone. I just hope McCann comes up with some decent ads in this next round of creative.

Oh, thank heaven. This guy was annoying at best. Never made me feel any emotional connection for the brand. None whatsoever.

But what if he returns, like a Jack in the box? *augh!* (makes 'home alone' face)

For those unintiated with the Wendy's unofficial spokesperson, here's some shortcuts: Mr. Wendy - Ump , Mr. Wendy - Office , Mr. Wendy -Choose , - Mr. Wendy - Mic, Mr. Wendy - Spy, Wendy's Kids' Meal - Choose, Movie Theater, Mr. Wendy - Night.. There's more.. IF you wanna find it you masocist!. ;)

oh god that's horrid. Was that "unofficial" gag supposed to be funny??

Okay, maybe I have too high a tolerance for fast-food commercials, caused by years of eating cheeseburgers and watching spots with Jack in the Box's CEO Jack (the latest including a thanksgiving themed chicken sandwich pitch and introduction of a ficticious "Grown Man Meal"), but I just thought of "Mr. Wendy" as a rather uninspiring character done by an actor who could do better if given the chance (which is why I gave him a link).

But the real punchline would be if the Mr. Wendy actor, released from his current contract, showed up in another burger joint's ads (I'm thinking Burger King, Carls/Hardees or Jack in the Box). Now THAT could be funny!

Come, come. Mr. Wendy wasn't that bad.

Wait a second. . . yes he was.

Which begs the question, who would win in a fight: Mr. Wendy or the equally late, equally unlamented Herb from Burger King?

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