"My first ad" might be your last?


"My first ad" might be your last?


Poor David Jones, he mocks Cannes and some unrelated crap gets put in the comments. It's new adgrunt Maikel mentioning his first ad.

Lets take a look at that ad, shall we?

Hmm. Let me start by reminding you that white space does not communicate! For the love of Bernbach, what do you call that alignment? Justifucked? Is that Accident grotesque or scrawled sans? This is a poster, it should be legible from five hundred paces as the punter scurries past it trying to avoid it. The headline needs to be shorter - five words or less. The logo definitely needs to be bigger. There is no need to randomly capitalize words like "this" in that line, this is not German. You forgot the main selling point - 'what's in it for me' - the reader probably likes the peace and quiet of an empty ad poster.

Oh, and of course - it's been before, and better.

I'll give you ten points for media placement though, posting this unrelated comment to a post here got my attention and irked me enough to write this, so hey more eyeballs in the end, you're well on your way to getting a dream gig now. Good luck bubba! ;P


Maikel blog http://myfirstad.wordpress.com/ now reads:

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I did some job advertising in 1998 by advertising for employment using chalk and a popular park sidewalk. All my chalk work was gone after the rain. I didn't get any employment out of it.

I'm guessing that neither will this dude.

Not with work like that, that's for sure. I don't think Maikel is serious.

The thing, I think he was honestly serious - but as they say, many are called - few are chosen. ;)

Maybe you're right. The whole thing just seems kind of odd to me.

He makes that first unrelated post, the ad looks like slag, then his blog gets the "log in" lock, and he hasn't been heard from since. What was he thinking? Was there a language barrier? Was he for real? Was it a joke?

Probably just an idiot. There's plenty of them.

I forgot about that! :)

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