The National Autistic Society "make it stop" (2017) 1:20 (UK)

Super powerful ad that makes use of subtitles in a really smart way to show that for some autistic kids, information overload causes them to shut down. It's important to give them a few moments so they can process it all, and respond. The film was released yesterday to coincide with World Autism Awareness Day which is April 2nd. Of particular note, Holly, the 12 year old girl who stars in this ad, is actually autistic and made this as a way to share her story. She explains "sometimes I get really upset that people do not understand autism. But I hope this campaign will help improve understanding and make other people who are autistic feel more
accepted." I hope so too, Holly.
The thing about autism is the majority of the public surveyed said they would gladly modify their behavior if they knew how. Which is the rub of course. Especially because there is a wide spectrum of people with autism. But hopefully this will help in at least allowing people to respond to a specific kind.
Holly's mother Jo explained it like this: “We worked closely with the school to put in place lots of really small strategies, like letting her leave lessons 5 minutes early because she gets so overwhelmed by noisy and busy spaces, and it’s made such a difference.”
Jo sounds like an amazing mom. And Holly sounds like an amazing young lady. Super simple ad but what a great way to illustrate the overwhelming feeling of having too much information to process.

Client: National Autistic Society
National Campaign Manager: Jessica Leigh
Head of Campaigns and Public Engagement: Tom Purser
Agency: Don’t Panic
Project Lead: Helen Jackson
Project Assist: Robyn Kasozi & Angela Kwashie
Strategy: Ellie Moore
Creative Lead: Christopher Ross-Kellam
Creative: George McCallum, Alistair Griggs, Tom Loader
MD: Joe Wade
Production: Knucklehead
Director: Tomas Mankovsky
Producer: Francis Mildmay-White
Production Manager: Cat Irving
DOP: James Blann
Production Designer: Sam Tidman
Editor: Tim Hardy @ Stitch Editing
Grade: Simon Bourne @ Framestore
Post: nineteentwenty
Sound Design: Tom Joyce @ Soundcanvas
Casting: Sophie North Casting & Hammond & Cox Casting

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