NetZero's AOL bashing ad spoof


NetZero's AOL bashing ad spoof


Slate, after already criticising AOL's lame "You got it" ads, goes on to praise NetZero's parodies of AOL's ads.

"In the last 'Ad Report Card,' I chided AOL for its lame new campaign (and lamer business model). I said AOL was screwed because other dial-up providers, such as NetZero, offer a near-identical service for much less money. Apparently, NetZero's not at all afraid to kick a brand when it's down."

The ads are in the archive: AOLs "Kimberly" (Mom), NetZeros Mom. AOL's "All of them", Netzero's "All of them".


Funny. I like NetZero's cajones- and it's a better bashing than the whole Miller/Bud thing.

The casting is great, people think it's the same people. ;)

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