The new 5 gums are here! The new 5 gums are here!


The new 5 gums are here! The new 5 gums are here!


See Flare, Rain and Cobalt.

Now the big question is... At the end of the spots, are the gum packs giving the ol' finger to rival brands, or us?

And check out Wrigley's 5 website here, where you can play the Flash-fanciest game of Rock Scissor Paper ever.


So the flip-top box is now a flip-off box, eh?

"Chew on this!"

Old Man Chicago himself -- Lewis Lazare -- wrote that 5 was "for the club crowd" ...riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

"No X for me tonight, fellow hipster. I'm currently enjoying a stick of 5!"

Is it kinky if it makes me laugh this hard?

Well, in retrospect, looping the flip-you-off film frames kinda gives it a piston-ish effect that a number of ladies and perhaps even a few men would pay good money for.

Quintuple your pleasure... Quintuple your fun...
With flippin' Five, flippin' Five, f***-you-all gum!

so basically....chewing five gum is like being in a ridley scott movie.

um, yeah.

Maybe we're looking at it wrong. Maybe it's just really excited.

really really exited. Yeah, that's it.

I'll never look at gum the same way again.

You have a dirty mind, my friend.

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