New Guinness spot goes back through time

Guinness noitulovE (Evolution)

New Guinness spot goes back through time


Last night a new Guinness spot broke on ITV1 in the UK. The commercial, a £1m blockbuster, was directed by Danny Kleinman and brings back the famous strapline "Good things come to those who wait."

The spot by AMV BBDO starts with three fellas having a pint in a pub and then the trio leave the pub and regress at lightspeed through billions of years of evolution all to a rendition of "Rhythm of Life" from the musical Sweet Charity.

"I wanted to give the sense of an amazing explosion of history and time and expanse of nature - continental plates shifting and volcanoes erupting and lakes becoming mountains and give a sense of that and tell a story of these three characters," Mr Kleinman says. Ultimately, the three morph into hapless mud-skippers, who lead a miserable life in a pond.

"You know what this creature drinks, this disgusting muck, and you are really pleased that you can get a Guinness, you are left feeling relieved that you are not a primordial creature in the mud," he said.

For this spot, £15m was spent on media for TV and in cinemas.

Guinness noitulovE (Evolution)


that bastard creative team better have their podium shoes shined

That reminded me of a Fatboy Slim video, played backwards.

Also, what kind of retarded video format did they use?

hehe, true - very fat boy slim.

The retarded streaming crap was whizzvideo whatever that means. Looked positivly awful.

Awesome ad tho.

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