"Night is the mother of creativity" - Sydsvenskan

As you might know, or have noticed on twitter, I basically never sleep. While this may have begun when I was an art student with a fire of creativity in my belly, these days its because I have a little girl, and daytime means walking to and from preschool - stopping for frogs, chestnuts and smelling flowers along the way. Kids. You need to be in the moment. Once she's tucked into bed and the house goes all quiet I can get those silent moments needed to birth creative ideas, solve programming issues or paint the walls. Sydsvenskan interviewed me about this night-owl habit in "Natten är idéernas moder.

However, she feels unsafe outdoors in Malmö, despite it being brightly lit at night.

- "I have lived in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London, New York and San Francisco and often been out and walked at night. But here in Malmö, I won't. Mostly because I did not want to leave my five year old daughter. But also because the city is so desolate."

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