Nike: Mercurial Vapor IX


Blacklist and director Tendril created this effort for Nike's Mercurial Vapor IX.

Tendril // Nike 'Mercurial Vapor IX' from Blacklist on Vimeo.

Client: Nike
Title: Mercurial Vapor IX
CD: Gary Horton
Producer: Marlous Niehot
Designer: Nick Parkinson

Production Company: Blacklist
Executive Producer: Andrew Linsk
Producers: Nathan Jew, Alex Unick

Director: Tendril
Creative Directors: Chris Bahry, Alexandre Torres
Executive Producer: Kate Bate
Producer: Sue Riedl
Engine Concept Art: Marco Teixeira
Print Designer: Fernando Ruele
Textures, Lighting, Render: Marek Denko and Peter Sanitra of NoEmotion
3D Modeling: Fernando Ruele, Gustavo Schinner, Felipe Lobo
3D Animation: Renato Ferro, Vini Nascimento
2D Animation: Leo Mateus, Andrew Vucko
Compositing: Chris Bahry, Peter Sanitra

Music and Sound Design: John Black of CypherAudio

Editor: Chris Murphy of Relish Editing

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