Nike viral - watch out for squirrels


Nike viral - watch out for squirrels


HO-KAY... Running in the cold, is so much of the suck

Remember that fab end of the world animation that launched a thousand "double-u-tee-eff" snickers? This one?

Nike, always on the edge, managed to track down the 18-year old kid Jason with the hilarious accent and goofy style, and the result Autumn in New York even has nasty squirrels in it. Click it baybeh.

Hat tip to Jason* for letting us know. The viral Jason who created these anims has his new page at

* Jason at w+k, not Jason who made the animation


This is awesome! Nike really jumped on that guy...and from what I saw, they almost gave him a "carte blanche", regarding the content. Besides the "wtf" stuff, it's almost as funny as the original!

Great job! And thanx for posting it!

Funny funny stuff. Liked that.

Excellent. It's disturbing that so many of us that complain about creep can get into a really good viral when we see one. Thanks for posting it.

Thanks for posting. I liked the original one better...maybe because of all the cursing? This reminds me of the Quizono's Rats....taking an obscure internet gag and making it commercial...

scchhhOKAy- I've just changed the link to lead to nikesphere which is the official Nike-site for this gig. There's another ad there and two more films are coming soon. Enjoy! :)

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