Nissan Maxima campaign is hot hot hot

The new campaign for the Nissan Maxima is not only turning heads, but also melting lamp-posts.
The car is parked in strategic places in NYC and L.A. and objects nearby, such as street lamps, trash cans and parking meters, melt and droop by the sheer 'hotness' of the new car. This is more like installation art than an ad campaign. Read more to see images.

Kidding, that's not it, although that is a Nissan.

"Nissan hopes to reach beyond traditional marketing with this unique integrated campaign," said Fred Suckow, Director of Nissan Marketing. "With the Maxima street scenes, consumers are engaged through all their senses. Not only will the scenes grab the attention of onlookers in busy metro areas, but they will also bring to life the essence of Maxima and the 'Hotness' campaign."

All creative in this campaign was created by ad agency TRUE in Playa del Rey, California. Other media includes TV ads, regular print ads and 'wild' posters. The hot meltdown site where the car melst objects around it are in NYC, Third Avenue & 13th Street, West Broadway & SoHo Grand, Houston & Lafayette. In L.A. the hot car can be seen in the following spots; Melrose & Spaulding, Highland & Sunset, 3rd Street & Harper. Watch so you don't burn.