NIVEA UK: A date to remember.

Nivea U.K. presents a totally interactive experience in which you can mess up someones' date. If you don't click on anything it sort of plays out and is silly. If you do click on things it plays out and is silly.

I think the silliest part though is the insane amount of product placement. it's the only thing I'm going to remember. I mean you're watching the ad on the NIVEA's youtube channel, I think you have a grasp of who is selling you something. But just in case you don't, the waiter actually pulls out some Nivea during the pre-roll instructions on how to interact with the site phase.

You know, because waiters are always carrying around body spray and deodorant for women.

It's about as subtle as a hurricane.


Client: NIVEA
Agency: Agency Republic
Creative Director: Al Campbell
Creative Team: James Hodson and Jason Keet
Film Director: Ben Gregor with Knucklehead Productions
Business Director: Stephen Armstrong
Senior Account Director: Belinda Hall

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