Not Showing in New Zealand


Not Showing in New Zealand


How does one go about promoting the International Documentary Film Festival of New Zealand? Well, here's three ways, thanks to Saatchi & Saatchi NZ. Disturbingly funny stuff.


OK. We get it. Film festival ads about films that aren't good enough to make it.

Can we please move on now?

Ok, dpovill - I'll take your ennui bait. What would you have done?

The only thing I don't get is dpovill's comment.

Our family cracked up when we saw the ads. It's fictional non-fiction designed to appeal to people with an interest in the documentary form. The main web site for the festival is What puzzles me is why the ads were limited to the Arts and National Geogrpahic channels in NZ.

cheaper media-time perhaps? Yeah, that's not very inventive media buying, these ads could easily have run on any channel.

It's what I wouldn't have done.

The Vancouver International Film Festival ("The Pants I Have Owned") beat them to it, and even that wasn't the first to do the same execution.

It's just tired. That's all.

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