Ntropic VFX featured in Marco Brambilla's latest art.


Oh how I love these. Video artist Marco Brambilla newest 3D video installation opens in New York soon. It's called "Creation (Megaplex)." This is the third in a trilogy. The first being "Civilization (Megaplex)" and the second being "Evolution (Megaplex)."
These mashups swirl together to form a strange DNA helix, which suggests all kinds of things about the way we're ingesting pop culture. While I am fascinated by the work, I am also disturbed by what I see are the implications.

Either way, Brambilla's vision was brought to life in part by VFX- Post production wunderhouse Ntropic.

Wish I was in New York to see the actual videos but the power of the still images above is strong enough. Love, love love.


VFX/Postproduction Company: Ntropic
Creative Director: Nate Robinson
Producers: Kara Holmstrom, Jenna Louie, John Mendaros
Flame Compositors: Nate Robinson, Simon Mowbray, Maya Korenwasser, Alaina Goetz, Matthew Tremaglio
3D Artists: Wren Myer, Paul Fuller
Rotoscope Artists: Roel Elaco, Jun delaPena, Alfred Ilagan, Romel Belicario

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