Obama crowdsources designs to promote DREAMers & "to fix our broken immigration system"

President Obama has partnered up with the Creative Action Network to "invite artists and designers to submit work inspired by the fight for comprehensive immigration reform. Every submission that meets the guidelines will be displayed in online galleries, making it possible for the creative person behind it to be paid for their contribution to the cause."

As with all things crowdsourced "possible" means "probably not". You sign up here to contribute to the migrant rights topic, and the CAN site has done previous projects like "recovering the classics" where designers could make new covers for books, and maybe sell a print too. While I really like this peacock Pride & Prejudice cover & poster, I also really like when people don't work for free. I'm weird that way.

It's not as ironic as when Obama wants to promote "creating jobs" by not paying people for creating the poster.... , Ill give you that, but since the project is wide open it's also quite possible that some of the artwork will be submitted by people living in the US undocumented. Wouldn't that be ironic? In fact I find nothing on the site that would prevent me, a Swede, from entering some artwork so now we're outsourcing to Europe too. How forward thinking! Usually I'm blocked from participating due to IRS wanting some pesky tax number, but that's clearly not an issue if I don't get paid... ;)