Obscene Gap - Pool boy, Pizza Deliverer, Plummer (2017) :30 (Spain)

Like the Sasha Grey ad before it, this idea uses the fact that women make more money than men in pornography as the twist. The difference here is that you see everything from the point of view of the men, and at first you may think it's just a really attractive pool boy talking. And a handsome pizza delivery man. And a very fit plummer - that's when it dawns on you that all of these men complaining that they make 30% less money than women are porn stars. Of course! The men keep complaining and it seems that you should feel really bad for them. "If you are outraged by this go to Obscenegap.org and help us close the gap" the voice over urges, and if you went there because you felt bad for the men, you're in for a cold shower - it's at the website you learn about the wage gap statistics for women in all other industries.

Ad agency: McCann Madrid

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