One million moms forgot how they became moms - protest Ragu commercial

May I, as a fellow woman and mother, say that I think there might be one million ladies in serious need of a date night out there? One million moms lodge their complaint about the Ragú commercial by saying it's... harmful to children. Like, WTFBBQ are they even thinking here?

This entire ad not only makes someone lose their appetite, but Ragu is also being irresponsible in their new campaign. Instead of being helpful, it is harmful to children in the name of so-called humor. The Ragu commercial is inappropriate and tacky. The commercial has aired during the Olympics when families are likely watching.

Lets talk about targeting. This ad is clearly targeted at the parents. The ones who make a crapload of pasta for their carb-hungry kids, the ultimate comfort food that will send them to bed with full bellies and smiles on their faces. It's not an ad suggesting that the parent join in, in fact the entire campaign only shows Ragú as eaten by children. It's the Uh-oh-spagetti-O's for the middle-school crowd. And the ad aired at eight o'clock during the olympics. (yes, at eight at night). Now, your precious child who needs shielding from this sort of thing should not be watching TV at eight o'clock, regardless of what is on it. If you're letting them stay up late to catch a specific olympic event that is important to you all as a family unit, be prepared that you have to distract them when the ads come on. Possession trailer aired at 9 during the Olympics and that's far worse than the cheerie joke in the Ragú ad which kids who are to young to get it won't even notice, unlike the trailer with the demons crawling out of a child's mouth. IMHO, YMMV and so on.

Ragú - Long Day of Childhood / Parents bedroom

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  • Craig L's picture
    Craig L (not verified)

    Didn't you know that "One Million Moms" is a subsidiary of a fringe right-wing "Family" organization and has, at most, a few thousand actual members (none of whom are required to prove they are moms)? Come on, you've been working with advertising long enough to know not to believe that a Brand Name is necessarily truthful...

    Aug 19, 2012
  • Dabitch's picture

    I know, but you gotta admit it made for a cheeky headline.

    Aug 20, 2012
  • socialbimbo's picture
    socialbimbo (not verified)

    Although the commercial is not appropriate and really has nothing to do with pasta sauce, I have to admit it's hysterical. My husband and I cannot stop laughing.

    Aug 21, 2012

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