Oneminutebriefs now have their own website with all the one minute solutions

Over on twitter OneMinuteBriefs have for five months been sending out short briefs that need to be responded to in one minute. Now One Minute Brief have their own blogspot where all the witty photoshopped and roughly-drawn replied to their briefs are collected. Comic relief is advertised with grumpycat, advertising anti-idea-thelf gets a think different copymachine, and a hangover cure pill gets a photocopied ass visual. All fun and games, and good for flexing your idea-muscles. It's a bit like when you need to "warm up" as an illustrator, and it helps to use your weak hand for a bit just to loosen the lines and find your eye. The Bank of creativity who are behind the One Minute Briefs have held a few talks on the subject including one at LBi in London on The Art of New Business.

"We are also in the process of creating a system where we will pay people for the one minute ideas they submit. We are in touch with clients at the moment that wish to try out this way of advertising."

Interesting. We'll wait four minutes for our cup of coffee to fully brew but ideas shall be made in one minute or less. ;)

As an aside, this reminded me of TweetmeaBrief which is the opposite concept, where you tweet them a brief and they respond on twitter. They've been on twitter for over two years, trailing off into the sunset already in October 11 talking about being ripped off and stressed out. For shame, they replied to my brief in a very funny manner as I recall.

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