Outdoor scaffolding billboard award with Coca Cola

Postcompany arranged a Danish/Swedish award competition for scaffolding billboards in co-operation with Coca-Cola. The breif read:"Create a scaffolding ad that with focus on Coca Cola, will suprise and draw attention to Cokes engagement in portugal 2004".
The winning team would get to see their scaffolding billboard in both Stockholm and Copenhagen, but in order to win you had to use this media in a clever way - ie: 3D. On the postcompany site you can see the winning idea and the runners up, if you read more here you can see the actual poster as it turned out.

Michael Nyrop-Larsen (CW) og Heinrich Vejlgaard (AD) are the lucky winners. Congrats boys!

The headline reads: Goooaaal! and in the corner it reads 'best of luck in Portugal'

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I agree 2D is much better for this poster and the "goooal" is not necessary! It looks like the production company(that held the competion) just wanted a 3D sollution by any means!

The good thing is that it ran the way it should in Stockholm!

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What a genius idea.
I wish I'd thought of that.

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Why 3D? Judging by the artwork on the site that idea is even better as a plain flat 2D poster. And where did the the "goooal!" come from... Not really necessary.