Pepsi gladiators part two released


Pepsi gladiators part two released


After Pink, Beyonce and Britney rocked us in Pepsi Gladiator 1, Beckham, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldinho take to the arena in a UK ad for Pepsi that cost 3 million pounds to make. In this sequel Beckham captains a gladiator line of football hunks....

Other stars in the dream team: Diego de Cuhna (Brazil), Torres (Spain), Totti (Italy), Raul (Spain), Ricardo (Portugal), Van der Vart (Holland)

update: here is the 60 second version


Looking hard. Nice Pepsi Logo breastplates, guys.

I didn't much care for last years western with Beckham and the gang, I hope this one will be better.

But seriously, wouldn't the spot be funnier if the three footballers kicked the crap out of Enrique Iglesias?

I might even pay to see that. *evil grin*

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