PETA Fur Trim ad - once again, they recycle their own old ideas

PETA are at it again, with their usual woman-hate. No surprises there, but once again they have recycled their own idea. You know how one visual execution with three different models pains me, as that's not really a campaign. There's one thing I think is worse, and it's doing the same idea, over and over again, expecting a different result. Even Einstein knows that's insane.

Back in 2010, I wrote about the top five most offensive PETA ads, from the sexist against women perspective, and look, number five on that list is "Fur trim is unattractive". Which they had already run, twice. My opinion of this shit hasn't changed. It's as if PETA has one person who wrote a few lines ten years ago, and a bunch of pretend art directors attempting to do different executions of it over the years. Stawp, humans, stawp.

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  • Peta: Save the wild pussy. This ad regarding fur trim ran ten years ago, and then again with Burberry patterned knickers a few years later (PETA really does like to recycle their ideas). With a single image, PETA manages to make fur trim and the natural state of a woman's body hair be considered equally unfashionable. Thanks for hating me so much PETA, the feeling is mutual.