PETA tries new 'shock' ad tactic, showing gay man as fairy

PETA must have realized somewhere that their constant nudity and generally misogynist advertising wasn't raising any eyebrows anymore, as even I got bored writing about it, but not before we had our advertising income ganked by Google for criticizing PETA ads, so they've changed tactic. Equal opportunity offensive has always been part of their "brand" ethos, what with comparing slaughter to the holocaust, or making "topical" ads based on a horrific murder, calling overweight people whales and now the piece de resistance; showing comedian Alan Carr - an openly gay man - as a fairy.

I'm somewhat looking forward to the cognitive dissonance mental implosion in certain PETA fans upon seeing this, this just might be the dancing over the line that finally makes the offensive-cup runneth over. Then again, who am I kidding? It's PETA. If this gets enough people fired up, and thereby press, they'll be doing it again and again.

Meanwhile Alan Carr is in on the rather stereotypical, lazy and in many eyes very offensive joke and has this to say about the ad:

“There’s no magic wand that will find homes for all of Britain’s homeless dogs and cats, but simple surgeries – spaying and neutering – will make a huge difference in the long run. We can work towards fixing the dog and cat overpopulation problem just by getting our animals ‘fixed’!” - Alan Carr