PETA's top five most offensive (and most sexist) ads

It's been clear for quite some time that we don't fancy PETA ads around here. Nudity for attentions sake is nothing but a cheap trick that PETA loves to employ. What's more, PETA are deceptive in both their advertising and the origins of the creative ads, for example that "hot dinner" vegetarian ad with the sexy food isn't an original PETA rejected from the 2002 superbowl, but an ad created by the Vegetarian Society UK in 1998 - caffeinegoddess busted that fib wide open years ago.

We can argue wether using sexy and misogynist images to get attention is justifiable in the comments, that's half the fun. You'd think that when PETA are acutely aware of the link between animal cruelty and domestic abuse, they might consider what their own images of women are doing in the big picture. We do know that their tactics seem successful, with PETA being one of the world largest animal rights organisation with 2,000,000 members (according to the wikipedia), and that when they push the right "offend" button their press coverage is all over the place like radiation. Once can argue that I am contributing to the success of this strategy right now by posting this list. Sue me.

I'm curious though, when the tactic isn't "offend everybody on the planet", as was done when they compared the decapitation on a Manitoba Greyhound bus to slaughtering chickens, and when they likened the meat industry to the holocaust, PETA seems to concentrate on "offend women". PETA doesn't even seem to like transgendered women, nor fat women. What's with the hate for human females, PETA?

While PETA claim they never threw red paint on fur clad women, anti-fur people did. Yet nobody entered a biker bar to complain abut their use of leather in clothing. That joke writes itself.

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  • Pushing pleather with porn stars

    The Jenna Jameson ad offends me more due to the terrible art direction and the utter failure in making her resemble iconic Bettie Page.
    Still, it's interesting to note that PETA chooses porn stars as spokespeople, and at least here they are equal opportunity employers as they've used Ron Jeremy to illustrate a spay/neuter ad.
    Har har.

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  • Putting pregnant women in cages
    PETA caged pregnant naked women in the middle of Covent Garden for mothers day.
    Why? Because caged naked ladies get attention, silly wabbit.
    This proved to be so effective in pissing people off that they did it again just one year later. Recycling is so in!

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  • Drink human milk, not cow!
    PETA begs Ben&Jerry's to use breast milk instead of cows milk - because forcing cows to constantly lactate is cruel, so it's better we get women to do it, wait, what? Did PETA just call me a cow? Ah, I get it, we're supposed to feel worse for the cow who gives milk year after year, by picturing a woman in her place, but this effect is insta-gone as everyone reading PETA's letter to Ben & Jerry's were far too busy being grossed out.
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  • PETA - Fur is Dead - (2002) :30

    Another ad that never made it to the Super bowl because the violence would offend in the "post 9/11 climate". Like beating women to death with baseball bats is A-OK any other time. There are a lot of PETA ads that don't make it to the bowl, one day I'd like to see the networks reply "OK, lets air that" just to see if PETA can actually cough up the money. Pretty please? Wakker Dier animal rights group took many PETA notes when they topped this ad - famous porn model? Check! Nudity? Check! Blood & Violence on women! Got that too. Watch out PETA, someone is about to nab your crown.

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  • Peta: Save the wild pussy. This ad regarding fur trim ran ten years ago, and then again with Burberry patterned knickers a few years later (PETA really does like to recycle their ideas). With a single image, PETA manages to make fur trim and the natural state of a woman's body hair be considered equally unfashionable. Thanks for hating me so much PETA, the feeling is mutual.