Is Pheed the first social media site to care about copyright?

While everyone's been on Vine a few months ago the first proper rival launched. I'm talking about Pheed. It's gaining in popularity and is apparently a big deal among teens and those who live in France as well as the usual famous-for-fame's sake celebrities. But don't let that deter you.

First off, Pheed allows users to post photos. Of any size. And videos. Up to four hours. It also allows users to charge others to see their content.

According to this linkedin article:

Users can charge anywhere from $1.99 to $34.99 per view, or $1.99 to $34.99 per month, and they own all of the content. Pheed makes a profit by taking half of the revenue to cover their bandwidth and storage, payment processing, and of course, Pheed’s profits.

While most of the articles I've read are questioning why someone would pay to see some celebrity's posts when they can do so for free on Twitter/Facebook/Etc, I'm more excited about the fact you can watermark your posts.

Pheed: You sound okay. We hope you'll stick around. Though I doubt you'll do much for people posting photos and videos they don't have a right to, like those free for all site otherwise known as Pinterest and Youtube, you are at least giving us the option to protect I.P.

Just do us a favor, okay? Don't tweak your TOS so we hate you and have to bail.

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