Pirelli and Leo Burnett create "The Call"


Pirelli and Leo Burnett create "The Call"


Advertising agency Leo Burnett Italy has created a film for Pirelli Tyres titled "The Call" featuring John Malkovich as a priest from the Vatican and Naomi Campbell as a seductive demon. The film was directed by Antoine Fuqua of Anonymous Content and was shot in Rome at night. This is the first of what Pirelli is hoping will be a series of shorts created solely for the internet.


interseting but not enough for me to avoid fast-forwardinb most of the film...

ridiculous. worse, it was boring.

Boring, we have seen the devil before togheter with James Brown and BMW...

I liked it. It's not an ad - as an ad it would be boring but as a film: pretty nice. And well produced. But I still can't figure out the end with the four tyres.

Man, what a load of dribble. It's bizarro extravangances like this that are the "real" threat to advertising. Garbage like this gobbles up huge budgets, inevitably fails (at which point the perpetrators exit stage left) - and you're left to run an account on peanuts for years to come!!

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