Pizza Hut ad during superbowl: Jessica Simpson and The Muppets

Pizza Hut will be introducing the 4forALL Pizza, individual pizzas with different toppings, during the superbowl. Pizza Hut calls on the cast of the Muppets and Jessica Simpson to launch this. Kermit the Frog wants green peppers on his pizza, Animal wants meat of course, The Great Gonzo wants classic pepperoni and Miss Piggy wants veggies, arguments ensue until Jessica saves the day by suggesting the 4forALL option. Jessica then blows Kermit a kiss that provokes Miss Piggy to yell into a bullhorn, "STEP AWAY FROM THE FROG!"

old gags never die. Maybe they bought the pizza with their mastercards?

update: Miss Piggy and Jessica Simpson interviewed. hat tip Claymore.

Update #2 - of course we have the commercial.

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