Pizza hut 'Kit Kat Pops' - melted chocolate bar wrapped in sweet pizza dough

Pizza Hut in the middle East seem to have taken the "this is why your fat" site as culinary advice, as they've invented the sweet pizza dough baked kit kat bar, a.k.a 'Kit Kat Pops'. Meanwhile, Pizza Hut USA wants to end world hunger and are raising millions for World Hunger Relief, with Christina Aguilera as celebrity draw. With Pizza Hut dishes like the cheeseburger-crust abomination, and now the sugar-bomb Kit Kat Pops all they really need now is a Pulled Pork & Mashed Potato Parfait to feed most of North-East Africa for a year. Maybe send some of that stuff to the USA too, to save those poor souls stricken by the bacon-famine. I suspect the R&D dept of Pizza Hut middle east is staffed by stoners. Dude.

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