Place your bets people: Cannes Lions worthy ads we're rooting for. (part 1)

"My diaper is full. Full of chic" - will the fashion diaper fad please the Cannes jury, even if the trend is three years late overseas? We've seen fashion diaper ads before over here, but then again, they scored well in Cannes so maybe we ain't tired of this yet.

Huggies - Chic in my pants / Jean Diapers - (2010) :30

The Tipp-ex tippexperience A hunter shoots a bear. Again, we've seen the use of youtubes extras in Goth Army and when Stallone blew it all up, not to mention it's a bit of subservient chicken again - but it had so many variations and quirky ones at that it became very popular. Maybe a Cannes gold?

Tippe -Ex a hunter shoots a bear

Volkswagen Last Tango in Compton has to win something. Can it win for sexy? I just love the choice of music here, and Jonathan Glazer got the balance between tough and beautiful just right as twenty different cameras followed the nimble couple doing a steaming hot tango.

Volkswagen - last tango in Compton - (2010) :60 (UK)

And now something frozen stiff. I already told you I like this one, because asparagus talking about the moon landing as a conspiracy, that's just hilarious right there.

Findus - Asparagus Conspiracy theory - (2011) : 30 (Sweden)

I know, I bet on rolighetsteorin (the fun theory) last year too, but hey, it's FUN! Here's a case study of the winning idea: the speed camera lottery.

Volkswagen / Rolighetsteorin / The Fun theory - The speed camera lottery

Carlton Draught - Slow Motion. Because I nearly pissed myself laughing at this.

Carlton Draught - Slow Motion - (2010)

Chrysler - detroit - Because Bill Green at Make the Logo Bigger is gonna hate me if I'm right.

Chrysler - "Born of fire" Eminem / Imported from Detroit - (2011) 2 minutes

BGH Air Conditioners - Big noses - because this is such a nicely twisted stunt, and clearly very popular in the consumers mind. Big noses gets you 50% off. This is fun.

BGH Air - Big Noses 50% off - case study - (2011) 2:18 (Argentina)

T-mobile, welcome back. I double-triple dare you not to have a sappy smile on your face after watching this.

T-mobile - Welcome Back / acapella singing at Heathrow (2010)

It won gold at the Dubai Lynx awards, and I really hope it will bring home metal from Cannes as well. This is beyond advertising, this is an idea that helped a country get back on its feet. This made an entire country look to the future and get back to working together for a better life. Memac Ogilvy Label Tunis, I'm rooting for you. Hard.

JUNE 16th 2014 - the idea that moved Tunisia wins gold at Dubai Lynx

Who are you rooting for?