Please don't retweet this.

Did you know society is fast paced? Did you know we're too reliant on social media? Yes? Well pretend you didn't so this video from international Puntastic Banksy-cribbing "street artist" Above won't be as obvious.

This piece was done for an art festival in Copenhagen called Galore. The video is a time lapse culminating in 5 days worth of painting. No doubt intellectuals stood in front of it, sipping their Carlsbergs and nodding knowingly before tweeting the hell out of it.

#socialmedia from ABOVE on Vimeo.

According to Above's description on Vimeo:

I have more questions than I do answers with social media. We live in a ridiculously hyper fast pace life where information is exchanged so rapidly that it makes us feel inadequate and drains our attention irony has it this video will be reblogged and seen on social media outlets the world over. Please join in and reblog on your facebook and twitter accounts. Enjoy and try to keep up.

I like the "try to keep up part." Considering how outdated this point is, it shouldn't be too hard. I've seen South Park reruns that have been more fresh.

Dear social media users at large: Do Above, and do us a favor. Don't retweet this. You'll only disturb the pureness of intent at best. At the very worst you'll be part of the ironic-lite garden variety game of tag that passes for an art movement in 2012.

The less people see something so bereft of originality, the better. Take a stand!

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