Portable strippers - pole dancing on bikes advertised on Craigslist

I have no idea what Agency Spy were really searching on, and they'll probably never admit what the extra words were was but they found Poledancing on a Bike when looking for bikes for sale on Craigslist. Whoha!

They saved the image from the ad, yep, that's a woman pole dancing, on a bike.
Who invented this? Why does the service cost $200?
Is this to spice up those boring nights of cruising up and down the city strip with an open container? What does the guy who drives the bike get paid? How do you stick dollars down her garter? How soon will Sloggi jump on this idea to sell their latest string underwear? (No, I haven't quite forgiven them yet for making me turn my back on my favorite knickers brand, after all their terrible terrible ads.)