Portfolio night 10 - getting people into the ad world since 2003

The worlds asvertising review

Portfolio night is here again, and the budding little ad-men embryos will use all of their creative skills to get in the biz. Striking visual, instead of a sperm heading toward the egg it's a pin aiming to poke the condom. Which will result in a very sloppily broken condom much like a pin meeting a balloon does. So wait, the new generation of adkids are going to destroy advertising? That makes sense. Get me some of those for my agency plzkthxbai.

Yes, the portfolio night tour is on again and if you want some experienced eyes on your work kids, look up your city and get ready to rumble. MAY 23, 2012 is the date to remember, and you can attend in Stockholm, Dublin, Shanghai, Athens, Beijing, Budapest... etc and so on.

Client: Ihaveanidea

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Was the typo on the first ad intentional or...? "The World's Asvertising Portfolio Review" If it isn't, then I don't think there's much left to destroy.

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BWAHAHAHAHA, epic typo.