Portland Press Herald: social media for everyone talks SM with Adland's Åsk 'Dabitch' Wäppling

We gab social media is Portland Press Herald, 'Social media for everyone, from the C-Suite to the street'. Then, now, big, small, the marketing in and the dangers of our new interconnected lives.

"People worry about narcissism, I worry about stalking. People pass on 'missing children taken by their mother' alerts on Facebook without thinking, and have revealed battered women's hiding places. Screen dumps of embarrassing images from Snapchat follow teenagers around until they kill themselves. Every upload of every sunset and dinner and pretty bike at beach that you share from your personal life is becoming a bit of data that reveals your geographical location, preferences and income bracket to the lean mean digital marketing machine. Privacy is something that we will lose if we keep giving it away. I'm very good at dodging cameras at events. But it's becoming increasingly difficult as now even the local coffee-shop has ten 'iPhotographers' being arty. I bet they tag faces in photos, too. Our children's faces will be automatically tagged, as by that time the worldwide computers will already know them so well."

As you may recall, we've received death threats, and in a forum someone was posting photographs of my house. This information used to be quite easy to find via various open population record databases and social media. Transparency isn't always the greatest thing, it doesn't hurt to be a little private.