Prehistoric Shitstorm in Canada

Spec work - It's the bane of the advertising world. Untold hours of toil just so you can get a chance at winning an account. And if you don't win, you're SOL, for both your time wasted and something even more aggravating...

The Globe and Mail: A Toronto ad agency is complaining that ideas it submitted to the Royal Ontario Museum in a request for proposals last November are being used by a rival agency that won the pitch.

When the ROM asked agencies for ideas on how to advertise its exhibit on feathered dinosaurs, Holmes & Lee Inc. submitted a sample ad showing a car covered in giant dinosaur bird poop, and another showing a hydro wire that had been pulled down by a giant bird.

Holmes & Lee was not selected for the account, but both ideas are part of the ROM's latest ad campaign produced by DDB Canada.

Full story here. Ain't spec fun!?

Here are the ads.

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