Prepare for the pre-roll wars: Google tells brands to spend 24% of TV ad budgets on YouTube

Hate pre-rolls? It's going to get worse. Eileen Naughton, Google's managing operator of UK & Ireland, held a talk at the Brandcast event last night, and made it clear that "brands' cost-per-reach is optimised when 24 per cent of a TV advertising budget is allocated to YouTube". How do we know this? YouTube had analysed more than 1,000 TV campaigns over the past year using its Google Extra Reach Tool, and they found that advertisers reached their target audience more efficiently if they added YouTube to their media plans. So Google is good for reach, according to Google. But Naughton also cited Ipsos research (done in conjunction with Google), that stated seeing an on on both TV and YouTube was more influential than seeing the ad on TV only.

Google also looked at an unspecified amount of "hundreds" of campaigns they had analyzed globally, concluding there that '96% of ads measured resulted in an average lift in recall of 71%'.

No word was said on how negative that recall may be when the ads pre-roll before ISIS beheading videos on YouTube, like that awkward moment when Bud ads, Swiffer ads, & Jennifer Aniston ads ran before ISIS videos and that time President Obama's ad was pre-rolling on "cute Thai teens".